MH17 also claimed the life of a pillar of AIDS research


Among the 298 passengers aboard Malaysian Airlines flight 17 were nearly 100 AIDS researchers, activists, and medical personnel (seven of whom have been confirmed dead) headed to the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia.

One of the top scientists who died in the crash was Dr. Joep Lange, who spent over 30 years researching HIV and was head of the department of global health at the University of Amsterdam. Quartz talked to Dr. Diane Havlir, the chief of the HIV/AIDS Division at the University of San Francisco in California, and long-term colleague of Lange and others lost in the tragedy. Havlir remarked on what his death means for the future of AIDS research:

This tragedy is a devastating loss for the AIDS community. Dr. Joep Lange was a pioneer in the field, a leader in global access for HIV treatment, and a visionary.

A former president of the International AIDS Society…

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