Scots aren’t the only ones voting on whether Scotland should become independent


Nearly 4.3 million people have registered to vote in Scotland’s referendum on independence, the largest electorate ever recorded in the country. With polls showing the Sept. 18 vote as too close to call, the campaigns are appealing to every niche in that electorate in hopes of tipping the balance.

One constituency that could prove decisive, given the tight margins, is non-Scots. Some 500,000 English, Welsh, and Northern Irish will vote in the referendum, and polls show they favor maintaining the union by a large margin. But since the referendum will follow the same rules as local elections, the voters also will include more than 100,000 people from elsewhere in the EU and Commonwealth who are resident in Scotland.


The latest polls show non-Brits also favor the “No” (to independence) camp, but by a smaller margin than Brits born outside of Scotland. Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond held…

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