The future of books looks a lot like the past


The future of books is more books—books on Kindles, books on iPads, books on laptops, books made of paper (still), books as podcasts, books as apps, books as blogs, books as books.

Familiar, in other words. But also high-tech. And judging by what we heard at the Digital Book World conference and expo in New York this month, the future of how we will find all these books will feel the exact same way.

The library, Spotified

Last July, Amazon launched Kindle Unlimited, where subscribers pay $10 a month for access to 700,000 books available on their Kindle e-readers. Kindle executive Russ Grandinetti reported to the conference that the service “overall, is healthy,” while sales of “à la carte” books have remained relatively strong, compared with online sales for music singles and TV shows. But the changing way in which we consume media online—streaming versus downloading, borrowing instead of owning—will become the way…

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